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James Kelly

Hi all

An eBay search for either glass cylinder bead or glass tube bead brings up a vast array of glass beads some of which may be suitable as a roller 


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If you can find some, glass capillary tubing will do the trick.  I made one a few years ago, but I've no idea where the glass tube is now!

Failing that, a piece of silver steel of the correct diameter can easily be drilled.  It could then be made dead hard by heating it red hot and quenching in cold water.  It should then be polished - I made a gathering "jewel" this way a few years ago as a temporary measure, and it's still there doing a good job.

Otherwise, I agree with everything John said about adjustment and running dry.  The effective weight of the glass roller can be varied by winding fine wire around the counterbalancing arm.

Good luck, and welcome to the club!

Ian R

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 A supply for the glass rollers for the ‘back stop’ or detent that runs on the count wheel would be great. Has anyone any news on a source for them?  I think I recall Jan Wright produced some a few years ago and they all sold out like hot cakes. I am currently using a delrin one kindly made by a friend but I fancy glass would have the lowest friction in that application. 


On 18 Feb 2021, at 20:46, Stephen Hibbs <oldtimemachines@...> wrote:

 Hi, Naing,

There are reproduction gathering arms for sale right now on eBay for 25 US dollars plus a nominal shipping cost. Just enter the search term “Synchronome”. Making one would be an interesting challenge, but if you want one right now, here you go.

Stephen Hibbs
PO Box 536
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Hi pallet design drawing is on NAWCC clock forum website dated 17 sept 2007 posted by fdew

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