Re: Pallet design

Ken Strauss

Got it and thanks!

I resaved as an Acrobat 9 or later version which is only about 18MB if anyone wants a slightly smaller version.


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Subject: Re: [synchronomeelectricclock] Pallet design


For Jurgen and Ken,


File is on its way as requested


You should get a link to WeTransfer in your email shortly


Just follow the link and that will allow you to download the PDF


Kind regards

Ian Lonsdale


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Hi Ian,

do you think it would be possible to send this file also to me?


Thank you very much in advance.





Juergen Hoefeld

Aachen, Germany


Am Fr., 11. Jan. 2019 um 11:53 Uhr schrieb Ian Lonsdale <ian.lonsdale@...>:



The extract came from a series of articles published in Engineering in Miniature between Jan 1987 to May 1988


I can send the complete series in PDF (28mb) to you via if you want



Ian Lonsdale


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Sent: 10 January 2019 20:37
Subject: Re: [synchronomeelectricclock] Pallet design


Wow!  Thanks for all the quick replies.

Ian, noted that the ideal shape is probably not going to work any better.  Even the "ideal" shape is based on the notion that a raised-sine impulse waveform is optimum, with no real reason why.  As I have a little CNC mill I could form the shape almost as easily as the circular arc.

Peter, I think those pages are almost the same as what I have in "Electric Clocks and How to Make Them" - again the drawing lacks one dimension.

Ian, thanks for that article - very useful!  I think that is from HJ?  Could you say when it was published please?  Now that HJ is online from 1858 to 2000 I should be able to download the whole series.

Geoff, "HSN" is a newsletter published by the NAWCC, sort of the American equivalent of the BHI, it's for oddities like me who still find the physics of pendulums and things interesting.  Not a very wide circulation I fear.

Thanks again all - I'm sure I'll have many more questions.


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