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Simon Taylor

Hi Jim, 

I was going to show a photo of another clock, but just had an inspiration. 

On my site is a copy of the first GPO clock manual as it were from October 1927, which has a description of the clock 16 and two drawings. GPO drawings tended to be exact down to the bow in the wires and the position of the screws!.
Here they are…

here is a link to the 1927 document. It is in the form of a .jpg gallery.

There is also the early Martin Fisher Magneta system detailed here.

Simon GPO clocks

On 11 Jan 2019, at 18:52pm, James Kelly via Groups.Io <jimfortress@...> wrote:

Hi Simon

With regard to your image of the SECC P.O. 16 clock I have not seen one with that shape of pendulum bob do you think its original



Simon GPO Clocks

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