Re: Synchronome battery life

Andrew Nahum

I have run mine for many years on 3 volts - two Duracell D cells. Ihave consistently found that a pair lasts about a year, give or take. (I'm driving a single dial - just the clock's own one). If the latch was not re-setting after 45 days I would be looking at all the adjustments of coil-armature gap, contact gap and so on. It is true that fresh batteries can overcome some minor misadjustments in the re-latching process.

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On Thu, Jan 14, 2021 at 8:47 PM via <> wrote:
My Synchronome #2054 ran for 45 days before latch failed to reset. Setup is transmitter and pilot at 11.5 ohms running at nominal 3 volts and 280mA from 2 Energizer Max D batteries. Thought it might do better, how do others get on with running on a small battery pack? 

Since Christmas week clock temperature has been dropping to 1.5C degrees overnight and not much warmer in the day against previous temperature around 12C. I expected the daily loss rate would be reduced as length of pendulum reduced but loss actually increased (from -2.5 to -3.5 per day). Maybe the cast iron bob is contracting more and increasing the overall length or is something else going on?

Not much showing on the forum so thought I might post my casual observations! 
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