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Hi Howard,


That should be a standard 1930s synchronome. If it has a pilot dial then it is normally run on 6 V (nominally 4.5v master + 1.5 per slave, though of course as you say it is designed for constant current), and one set of cells should last you well over a year, probably two


your serial number is not listed in the serial number list on clockdoc (in the synchronome documents folder under synchronome at . It would be great if you could check out the features and let us know what to add, especially if you have any accurate dating information.



Eddy Odell


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Subject: [synchronomeelectricclock] Synchronome battery life


My Synchronome #2054 ran for 45 days before latch failed to reset. Setup is transmitter and pilot at 11.5 ohms running at nominal 3 volts and 280mA from 2 Energizer Max D batteries. Thought it might do better, how do others get on with running on a small battery pack? 

Since Christmas week clock temperature has been dropping to 1.5C degrees overnight and not much warmer in the day against previous temperature around 12C. I expected the daily loss rate would be reduced as length of pendulum reduced but loss actually increased (from -2.5 to -3.5 per day). Maybe the cast iron bob is contracting more and increasing the overall length or is something else going on?

Not much showing on the forum so thought I might post my casual observations! 
All the best for 2021

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