Re: Solari Flip Clock Driver

Ernie Jenson

Thanks Ian for the offer of pictures.  Thanks Thomas for the suggestion of the h-bridge circuit.  Since I have modefied the T&N to deliver a contact closure for 10 seconds every minute, I couldn't figure out how to make that work with out a micro controller to complete the operation.  I programed a micro controller but encountered problems with interference from the many master clocks in the room on the same circuit.  I programed and reprogramed and then decided that this was not the right way to go.  Whoever gets the clock after me will most likely not be able to maintain the circuit.  My choise was to buy another T&N to get the part and keep the clock original or build a replacement part that does the job in the manor that would have been used at the time the clock was new.  My first attemp at a mechanical device was also a failure.  I now need to look at the way that T&N solved the problem.  I have an ENEM master clock and their solution to the problem is far too complex.  I can't find another T&N to purchase.
Thanks for all the help, I really appreciate the effort.

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