Re: Solari Flip Clock Driver

Ian Richardson


This is as good a place as any to get the response you seek.  Unfortunately, I can't be of immediate help, but I do have a fully operational T&N clock here, driving a couple of slave dials.  If required, therefore, I could examine and photograph the polarity reverser if that would help you.

It is in essence a rotary switch driven by the same weight/wheel/spring arrangement which drives the clock.  It is released once per minute by the clock and rotates through 180 degrees and delivers the signal to the slaves via a commutator switch.  At each half revolution, it makes contact with the opposite polarity for the next impulse.  As I said, I could photograph if that helps, but it may not be that easy to make a copy from photos.  I don't have any spare parts, but maybe someone out there has a spare movement which you could canibalise.

Good luck finding the parts you need, but let me know if photos would help.

Best regards,
Ian R
Auvergne, France

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I posted but didn't get a response.  I'm not sure that this is the right place for this post.  I have a T&N clock with several slaves.  The slaves need a 24 VDC plus and minus to work.  The attachment to provice the slave input is missing from my clock.  Does anyone have an idea how to find this part or duplicate it?
Thank you all for any help.  I enjoy reading this site.

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