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Ian Richardson


As you are obviously an electric clock enthusiast, maybe the best solution is to buy a T&N master clock for your Solari clock.  The T&N system generates 24vdc in alternate polatarity - made for the job.  

Note that not all Solari clocks are the same - I have one which uses unique polarity and is running on my house system driven by a Gent "Thornbridge" clock.  I have also seen the alternate polarity ones and it's only the motor which is different.

Good luck and happy clunking,
Ian R
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Hi Neil
My research on my new, very old Solari clock indicates it is fed with a bipolar 24V impulse.  Not compatible with Synchronome slave clock pulses.
I am interested in your driver.  How does it work?  Is it programmable?


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On 3.01.21 10:49 pm, neil wrote:
Hi Darren,
On my driver I have buttons that advance or lose 1sec,1min and 1 hr. Makes adjustment and keeping track of DST much easier. With 2 slaves in series, it's a pain if they don't track. The gents relies on gravity for one of the wheel panels so they both need to be vertical when testing.

On Sun, 3 Jan 2021, 9:23 pm Darren Conway, <darren.conway@...> wrote:
I have my master nome running nicely.  I am now ready to connect a couple of Gents slave clocks to it.  
The Gents mechanisms are sealed in Bakelite enclosures, so the only way I know to advance them is to apply pulses.   I could open them up, but that would void the warranty.  ☺
I understand how to wire up the master and slaves and the requirement to set the current.
What is the method to align the clocks so they all display the same time?
I was thinking of including a rotary encoder that I could use to apply pulses manually. 


Darren Conway

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