Re: putting clocks on forwards or backwards

Stuart Baskill

When I worked for Gents and had to advance a clock system after a repair etc,I used to put the instructions book that was kept in the case down the side.This dampened out the increased swing and stopped the pendulum smashing into the case.I tied the string down.If it was an old system, or it only needed advancing a small amount,I pulled the string only on alternative swings which gave the slave movements twice as long to operate and stopped them missing pulses if they stuck a bit.It was better than adjusting 500 slave clocks individually!!  If they were hopelessly different times I used to find the most inaccessible clock and advance that to correct time and then alter the others by hand.Gent stopped bothering with clocks around 1990 when they concentrated on fire alarm systems.

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As a practical suggestion, only the Gents runs permanently so when setting it on I have a couple of bits of foam which normally lay on the floor, I stand one either side of the pendulum bob so as the swing increases they damp any excess out nicely.

It was removed from the local Tech and replaced by quarts clocks, between battery failures, cost, vandalism and theft they collected the whole lot in again and issued only for exams, staff & students own watches catering for all other timekeeping purposes, I suspect many other places did the same.

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I used to have to visit master and slave clock sites and step on or stop for an hour, clock systems. Putting back was easy, just stop them for an hour. However, stepping on an hour was not so easy. With synchronome, the pendulum starts banging the case when you set it to pulse continually. You have to stop then and on some clock systems, you had to manually step the clock on by hand. If you slightly jerked or made an irregular pulse, there would be some clocks out of step! Then you would have to get big ladders to adjust the wrong clocks! Out of interest, what do people do now with lots of quartz clocks around? I presume they have to visit EVERY clock??........The old system was easier wasn't it?

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