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John Hubert

There were a couple of Synchronome ones listed on eBay a year or two back, if I remember rightly, one in a large metal case, the other in a wooden case.

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Hi again.
I messaged the group some time ago, mentioning that I served my time in the Westbury factory, then worked as their toolmaker replacing Bill Lycett after his untimely death and finishing up in the drawing office.  Details of the years this covers are obviously a bit clouded, but when I can find an old copy of my employment record I may be able to clarify this. 
I thought some of you may be interested in one of the products we produced that was called “A Watchman’s Tell-tale”.
This consisted of a 6” dia aluminium tube with thick end plates driven round once every 24 hours by I believe either an IM2 movement or a synchronous motor.  This assembly was mounted on a large chassis.  The drum was grooved at about 30mm centres and covered in a removable paper chart.  The length of the drum and its chart were governed by the number of “stations” required by the customer.
PO 3000 relays were also mounted on the chassis and fitted with steel angled pointers (replacing the switched contacts) that pierced the chart over the top of the associated grooves.
When the night watch man/women gained access to the different areas of the building concerned, they operated a key switch which energised the relay, recording that they had checked that particular area or room at a precise time.
On a quick Google search a few moments ago I was able to find reference to Gent’s versions of these devices, but there was no mention of a Synchronome one. Do any members know of the existence of one of these old relics?
On a slightly un-related topic I was able to use some of the off-cuts of the 6” tubing to manufacture a couple of drums and down-lighters!  In those days I had a (good/bad?) reputation for my “Homers” and built a couple of guitars and a valve PA pre-amp during my time there amongst various other projects.
James Meaton

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