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Welcome to the Synchronome1 electric clock group. This group is run by enthusiasts and is concerned with issues relating to electric clocks: Precise, accurate, domestic and industrial. The main structure of the group is:

1) Messages, if posted these will go to all members unless you turn off receiving them yourself, so long as the posts concerns aspects of electrical horology and or electric clocks they will be allowed. Any posts deemed to be offensive, or including suspect language or advertising unrelated products will be removed. You can ask questions about history, collecting, technical issues, best practise, restoration and other such matters. If you wish to offer items for sale this will also be allowed. If you are aware of clocks for sale at auction or specialist fairs you may post links to these.
Before you post, to get the most, think about what you want to achieve by it, have a good look in the links and the back post, it may be you can build upon what has already been posted or find answers to your question from these previous posts.
2) Files, these are files that have been stored by members.
3) Photos, Images stored in albums relating to specific Manufacturer and type
4) Databases, these are very important for recording and research purposes.
5) Members, do remember when you set your profile to include interests, you can include a profile image if you wish to .
6) Polls are a feature that will be used in debates, and hopefully to pose un answered questions.
7) Best wishes to the members, thank you for all your efforts in protecting and saving these important horological punctuation marks of history.

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