bug #96, Keep audio devices open all the time, and from start of program #devel

Daniel Loranger

Tobias made the comment it should be easy to implement, yet it has been open for 4 years since originally reported, hoping we as a community can work this issue out. 

I think this will solve my problem with multiple audio cards that have more than 2 sound channels.  I really would like to get one of these cards going.  I have tried everything I can think of outside of svxlink, now I think I need to turn inward but I am an electrical engineer not a software engineer so I am not having a lot of luck rooting through this particular code section.

I have messed with alsa settings and can get most everything working as desired except the synchronization issue.  I have tried creating a virtual sound card that plays silence to the card and used dmix and dsnoop to open the card up in parallel with svxlink, I have tried different flavors of sound cards from different suppliers, I have asked for help from the suppliers and raspberry pi forums, and tried work-arounds, nothing so far has been able to get around this synchronization issue.

Does anyone know the code/software in general well enough to help me dig into this and see if we can't get it resolved?  

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