#VTA GM/CEO Fernandez was touted as Prez-Elect Biden's Secy of Transportation #VTA

Eugene Bradley

This article from San Jose Spotlight was from over the weekend.  News of VTA General Manager Nuria L. Fernandez being on a short list to serve as President-Elect Biden's Secretary Of Transportation surprised me.


Our own Monica Mallon and I were quoted in that article.



Ultimately, President-elect Joe Biden selected Pete Buttigieg to be the Secretary of Transportation.  (Story courtesy of Bloomberg CityLab.)


Based on this article, what are your thoughts?  If not Buttigieg, who should President-Elect Biden have chosen to be his incoming Secretary of Transportation?


(For my money, Biden should have picked Earl Blumenauer, U.S. Congress member from Oregon, to be the new Secretary of Transportation.)


Eugene Bradley
Founder & CEO, Silicon Valley Transit Users


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Eugene Bradley
Founder & CEO, Silicon Valley Transit Users

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