PETITION: Sign to support fiscal gap funding to prevent service cuts for BART & Caltrain #Caltrain #BART

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See below for details on what's going on, and a link to sign a petition to prevent service cuts on BART and Caltrain.


Eugene Bradley

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Subject: Bay Area transit agencies face fiscal cliff - sign petition to support fiscal gap funding to prevent cuts


Sign petition to support "gap funding" to prevent transit fiscal cliff and service cuts

Hi Eugene,

Reports coming from BART, Caltrain, AC Transit and other agencies show that Bay Area transit faces a fiscal cliff, as federal Covid relief funding runs out and ridership grows back more gradually. This could result in cuts to service and maintenance starting as soon as this coming year.

Caltrain could be the first major agency in the Bay Area to face a fiscal cliff as soon as this coming budget year, according to an ominous report presented to Caltrain's board in December. For more information see this blog post. BART received a board presentation in October showing fiscal cliff impacts likely starting in 2025.

Fortunately - and thanks to encouragement from transit advocates - MTC and transit agencies will be working together to close the fiscal gap for the region’s transit system, seeking seeking multi-year funding from state and other sources, while laying the groundwork for a regional funding measure to support frequent, well-integrated service.

It will be essential to save and improve service to rebuild ridership for the future. Especially now, with the increase in white collar working from home, it is critical to provide service to a broad range of riders and trips.

Your support will be needed in the coming year to save public transit. Here two actions you can take now:

  • Sign this petition - urge MTC, transit agencies and state legislators to support fiscal gap funding and work to craft a regional funding measure for public transportation
  • Share your ideas to regrow transit ridership in the Bay Area

We’ll keep you posted on specific actions you can take in the coming months to save transit and support better service to regrow ridership.


Adina Levin

Transbay Coalition

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