Hartnett to leave General Manager post @ SamTrans / #Caltrain as of 4/2021 #Caltrain

Eugene Bradley

It was just reported that Jim Hartnett turned in his leave as General Manager of SamTrans and Caltrain today.  His resignation will be effective April 2021.


Afterward, as a search for a new, permanent General Manager begins, Deputy CEO/GM Carter Mau will become Acting CEO/GM.  Michelle Bouchard, Caltrain's Chief Officer of Rail, will serve as Acting Caltrain Executive Director.


Under Mr. Hartnett's tenure, he oversaw Caltrain start its long-awaited electrification project.  Also, he was instrumental in helping to get funding for the service via having voters pass Measure RR in San Mateo, San Francisco, and Santa Clara counties.


Press release detailing Mr. Hartnett's departure:




Adina/Andy/Margaret/anyone else who follows Caltrain & SamTrans: what are your thoughts as to who Caltrain and SamTrans should look for in a new, permanent General Manager?




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