Follow-up on BART transit village project in eastern SJ

Eugene Bradley

From Terry Christensen. For those of you who are keeping track of, or in the neighborhood area of, S. 28th St. and E. Santa Clara Sts. in eastern San Jose. There is a proposal to build an apartment complex near Five Wounds Church, where a BART stop is due to be located.

More details are below this message.

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BART Transit Village Advocates,

We have until January 13 to submit comments on the environmental review of the 408-unit Empire Lumber project at S. 28th and E. Santa Clara Streets. Please send your comments to Thai-Chau.Le@... <mailto:Thai-Chau.Le@...>

Don't feel like you have to review all the documents in detail -- just make comments on whatever bits are of interest to you.

Here's what the City said about the document: The City has performed an environmental review of the project. The environmental review examines the nature and extent of any adverse effects on the environment that could occur if the project is approved and implemented. Based on the review, the City has prepared a Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) for this project. An MND is a statement by the City that the project will not have a significant effect on the environment because the project will include mitigation measures that will reduce identified project impacts to a less than significant level. The project site is not present on any list pursuant to Section 65962.5 of the California Government Code.

Note that the consultant found "no significant effect on the environment" because of mitigation measures. If you disagree on any count, let them know.

To make this easier for you, here's a link to the project study by the consultant:
It's long but you can let the table of contents guide you to aspects that interest you.

Several of us have commented on the impact of the project on the aesthetic and cultural character of the neighborhood--most especially on a tall, bulky project that would detract from the iconic landmark of the Church of Five Wounds. The height of the project as proposed is not consistent with the Roosevelt Park Urban Village Plan we helped develop and which we support.

There's also little mention of the Five Wounds Trail, although it is directly adjacent to the eastern side of the project. According to the Initial Study document, the first two floors of the project on the side adjacent to the trail will be commercial. If so, we need to be vigilant and insist that these floors actively contribute to "eyes on the trail." We must also insist that park fees generated by this project are direct to funding for the trail.

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