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Eugene Bradley



On New Year's Day, VTA published a video on its latest transit projects.  In that, VTA seeks to "balance" bus stops on the 56, 66, and 68 bus lines. View the video for that project here.


There has already been some public blowback on the video.  Read this op-ed in San Jose Inside posted today as an example.


“First of all, blaming its own customers for worsening service—like the video does—is not helpful. Obviously, if VTA had even less riders, buses would need to stop even less often, improving speeds even more. But that is not the direction we want to go.”




Last but not least, according to its website VTA isn’t just eliminating bus stops due to low ridership—it’s also eliminating them to make streets more convenient for cars.

“Reasons that a bus stop may be relocated/consolidated include: (...) Stop placement in heavy right turn lanes,” the agency states.

This is a wrong priority for a transit agency.


Note the conflict of interest here.  Remember: in Santa Clara County, VTA also designs and builds highway lanes, some street projects, and freeway interchanges.


Given this:


·         What are your thoughts and ideas on how VTA should proceed with reorganizing bus stops? 

·         How would you go about it to help make this better happen?


Please discuss and share your ideas.



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