Apply to be on the Santa Clara Station Area Task Force #VTA #Caltrain #MTC #BART

Eugene Bradley



Live in Santa Clara? 

Know someone who lives or works in Santa Clara?

I just learned from Alex Shoor, Executive Director of Catalyze SV that the City of Santa Clara is accepting applicants to serve on a committee to help shape the future of the Santa Clara Transit Center area. 


Currently, the Santa Clara Transit Center, off El Camino Real by Santa Clara University, is served by


  • Several VTA bus lines
  • Caltrain
  • ACE (Altamont Corridor Express) trains
  • Capitol Corridor trains


More on the committee - known as the Santa Clara Station Task Force can be read here:


You can apply to be on that Task Force here:


Applications are due by next Tuesday, January 10.



Eugene Bradley

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