FW: You can help save transit from the fiscal cliff - Annual Transbay Coalition all-aboard meeting 2023

Eugene Bradley


This year, you're going to hear a lot more about how public transit agencies nationwide are facing a "fiscal cliff." That is, they will all run out of COVID relief money from the Federal Government.

More on what YOU can do to help these transit agencies is below. One such meeting will be this Sunday afternoon at 3pm. Details are below...

More later...

Eugene Bradley
Founder & CEO, Silicon Valley Transit Users
phone/text (408)888-2208

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Subject: You can help save transit from the fiscal cliff - Annual Transbay Coalition all-aboard meeting 2023

Dear Eugene,

Public transportation agencies are rapidly running out of money and unless more funding comes through, there will be deep service cuts. The federal COVID relief funds that kept service running during the depths of the pandemic are running out and while transit ridership is recovering, the pace is too slow to fix the transit systems’ budget crisis and prevent deep service cuts.

Together, we can stop this, but we need your help! Join us <https://click.actionnetwork.org/ss/c/P8Elou2Rvc0qoMPEUZrMXcOpy_XqN4R2ZGjoK-5zZnkxkyGgV1gF-gIgQ1g4XrPJOBAcgUqiQIRdebWdrz6gjtlsD116daVrXJZS7dCN3qaGZs7h3LHd_7A340mRY98JRxs7-nMNJbgZjFz-WsDE2cD19afSJA8MtJeoTmgT_ux2txRJ7ZSlRDgRMg72cKhlvdnjIwRU5aDqulIhuz3fm5cEXyi5HSIJA9VbOjkkdXFqqRL-VK6rO3NvIPhU-LEPNPQLKOPdzojIpzn5Yw20lpG5aaAMvt3fnlMqkYIg07bz4mDjgcB99P7nV50L_8cK9q1tpI2YwWDPbdiFIOBxzdiQ11AG6RigLLfp4KWweV2OBkCqX6ndo1Ky0s5e-6M2v7do6tNxtV7_eC8dPMHSm2hu-sVafCT8TKp6zPPNCunJmGfwYQhbipxyBX3uCvuEp3K2zNtYPWv97IlnHkqgMpHU3L4tG1mgaNn7pfWltcloyqSWXkbQpelh0xrzgmoyUJdgw0tRMoQ2s_JFKe_YaM0hT85PC7_r12JaCriYwgqcOKV_RD8Dsk8iCVw8QGI9/3tb/_eWl3WngQ0CBJVp-GO0naA/h0/5XieLQUY7QbxDl8J6-xZ2ctNkKbJzLNnbtEQoU8YPds> for this year’s Annual Transbay Coalition "All Aboard" Meeting to learn the latest and get involved with the campaign to save public transit. People of all backgrounds and experiences are encouraged to tune in and participate.

During this Zoom you will:

* Get an overview & inside scoop on the campaign to help Bay Area transit to survive and thrive

* Learn about campaigns for seamless transit, faster buses, and shrinking highways

* Learn how you can make a difference by volunteering in these campaigns

* Have the opportunity to sign up to receive coaching on how to turn YOUR OWN idea for a way to improve Bay Area transportation into a campaign to make that a reality

* Meet other passionate transit advocates from across the Bay Area

Please click here to RSVP <https://click.actionnetwork.org/ss/c/P8Elou2Rvc0qoMPEUZrMXcOpy_XqN4R2ZGjoK-5zZnkxkyGgV1gF-gIgQ1g4XrPJOBAcgUqiQIRdebWdrz6gjtlsD116daVrXJZS7dCN3qaGZs7h3LHd_7A340mRY98JRxs7-nMNJbgZjFz-WsDE2cD19afSJA8MtJeoTmgT_uwCzDHWG2j9dGf2RlgdMfU44CSlaZ8D2n54GhFPCuJWpABPjyevTABAHGhVUC1HLN27C_pUpDqdSEigh1Dai_FzEDIFAlNiQjhN3nqOuehfhXhd8s7A3yxLSKhvnNsO3-Nvky1rqXyh0mqKtSgPEb43gLucB6txiQIVH-Di8yXysA4vAhTzwzcqLDriagVP2ZZq2gSq4QkmRkABFicusax6VcBLYfuGSR74JfezcqVW_jV-hYNFhobHnEL-W7_K1NzBKMl4RBCDKs5vT0W_cPtUFb4p5eDYTA-D-6I5hnnanw2G1HkowHYzchlMQuoUvGJMLztbaWTR1uz2N_pEDtJYX2zmPfspMW077WxQlZRysgHCRayWRxbSqmhH_uDnMXc/3tb/_eWl3WngQ0CBJVp-GO0naA/h1/M6-Y-mEo2XyHzLJMib81m7PauOX1y7-MUnbz0PHk0jU> . We look forward to having you join us on Sunday February 5 at 3pm. And please help spread the word! If you have any questions, email our volunteer coordinator at carter@...

If you have any questions, or would like to get coaching on your transit advocacy idea, email our volunteer coordinator at carter@... <mailto:carter.lavin@...>

Carter Lavin

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