FREE bus/light rail to County Warming Centers today & tomorrow #VTA

Eugene Bradley

Just learned that VTA is offering FREE rides to and from Warming Centers throughout Santa Clara County today & tomorrow.


Here's a list of Warming Centers throughout Santa Clara County:


Upon boarding, tell the bus driver or light rail operator that you are going to or coming from a County Warming Center.


Also, in San Jose, from 8pm-7am, two (2) warming locations are available, upon a required referral:


901 E. Santa Clara St. @ S. 20th St. (on the 22 & 23 bus lines)

1243 San Tomas Aquino Rd. off Saratoga Ave. (on the 57 bus; 1/2 mile walk S. of Williams Rd. and the 25 bus line)


For more information or need a referral, call 408-539-2105 or email owlreferrals@...


Please pass this information along to others who need this information, and who don't have access to a computer.


Thank you.


Eugene Bradley

Founder & CEO, Silicon Valley Transit Users

phone/text (408)888-2208