Re: SVA1015x experiences?

Roger Henderson

I have had a play with it, you will see some info here:

Quite an interesting unit, as it is has a very capable Spectrum Analyser and Tracking generator in the same unit. The VNA functions are not what I would call complete yet, but it does do the job.
There has been one firmware release which enhanced the features in the VNA quite a bit. I expect more to come.

Few comments:
* VNA function has a 10MHz lower limit. Presumably this is due to the chip coupler, but rules out 40m and below for VNA. Tracking generator/SNA function can be used for that though.
* Cal types are OSL for one port. Two port cal only supports Response, and frustratingly this won't change according to Siglent.
* Return loss isn't bad, but does limit two port measurement precision  with only the Response cal type. This can be worked around somewhat with an attenuator as per a scalar measurement.
* One port measurements work very well, comparable to my 8753. Actually it is potentially better as the cal kit can be spec'd more precisely (see next comment - if you know what you are doing)
* Custom cal kit support is coming, but not yet implemented. Right now it is possible to create a custom kit from the command line as it is stored in a text file.
* No trace export from VNA yet - I expect this will come.  This would permit more advanced cals to be done on a PC, and would also allow a better, external coupler to be used.
* Out of the box it has a factory OSL calibration which is quite effective. This effectively masks the limitations of the directional coupler.
* VNA option is rather expensive.
* Siglent has not clamped down on 'free' option upgrades in the past.
* Very 'hack' friendly device if you are that way inclined. (Linux based, plus some other nice things)


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Has anyone tried using the new SVA1015x family of equipment?  These are billed as Spectrum and Vector network analyzer combined from Siglent.  It looks very much like a spectrum analyzer with a few added functions for lower cost Vector Network Analysis added on.  It is offered in the Siglent style of a low cost base with a few add-ons.










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