Server & e-mail woes....

Sue <sue@...>

My friend who hosts my e-mail and site is having DSL problems... dumb
thing is we're hosted throught he same company and I'm not having any
troubles so until MTA (company we get our service from) gets off it's
duff and fixes things I'm on special notices in an attempt to keep my
inbox from bouncing. I'll be checking my suestinycostumes@...
and suestinycostumes@... more frequently until it's fixed!
I'll also be posting from the web so all private mail or responses
need to go to Hotmail or Yahoo. This also includes any questions about
the classes --- sign ups end soon on both 102 and Cresindel!
Off to go play with about a dozen little *angels* (not) at my
daughter's school for the morning!

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