Re Web Sites.

Hazel Dowd <hazel.dowd@...>

I have had three web sites over several years, about 6 years I think ...the first site I had as
a Gallery, never sold anything, the second site was partly gallery but selling site as well.
Then I bought a shopping site and my son altered it slightly to how I wanted it. Plain. No Frills
or Fancy graphics taking time to load. I have had 103,948 hits in exactly 12 months today, I have
been selling things like mad as well so I am not complaining. It works for me and what I want. I
can upload , add and delete items at will. Paypal works wonderfully as well.

I think you have to decide whether your making to sell or making to display.

I also think you get known for writing in magazines, how to's especially, this creates business
with the kits and haberdashery for me.

I have never used eBay though I have registered.

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