Quick Note...

Sue Darby ~

I realize that the site has been down for a couple days... This seems
to happen everytime my host goes out of town....hasn't failed once in
the 3 years he's hosted... in fact it's become like a joke to us.
Another friend who's housesitting is going to be following the
instructions I was given for resetting the server and hopefully the
site will be back online shortly.

Until then however, if you use in Google
and click on the cached version you can view the individual pages with
photos just no background and you have to go back to Google to
navigate. I discovered that some of my visitors are using this method
with success and tried it which is how I know the photos do show up.

Once the server is back to normal I will be posting several changes
I've made offline to the site. One main announcement will be a sale,
however, if the server is not online before Thanksgiving it will not
be a Thanksgiving sale it will end up a Birthday sale as my daughter
is about to turn 6 and I'll let her name the sale then. :-) I'll also
have a Pre-Christmas, Yeah Finals Are Over Special, and a Chrismas and
New Years sale coming up. What each one is exactly I'm not tellng
until time for it to start! :-)

Enjoy the holidays!

Sue Darby ~
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