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The following suestinycostumes poll is now closed. Here are the
final results:

POLL QUESTION: Which class(es) are you most interested
in taking in the coming months?
Descriptions for the classes are in the
Classes or Courses areas of 102A-104 are
currently strictly in the Courses area
but if there is interest I am willing to
develop simular classes for larger
dolls. Are there classes NOT on this
list you would like to see offered,
please keep in mind that I do not make
dolls or other accessories just patterns
for clothes i.e. a hat class will not be
I'll be making a simular poll for just
miniature dolls shortly.

- 101 Doll Pattern Drafting, 1 votes, 12.50%
- 102 Pattern Styles-Dolls, 2 votes, 25.00%
- 103 Bustles-Dolls, 2 votes, 25.00%
- 104 Hoops- Dolls, 1 votes, 12.50%
- 102A Beginning Pattern Styles from a pre-prepared basic pattern set, 1 votes, 12.50%
- Other Classes- POST about them!, 1 votes, 12.50%

- 101 Doll Pattern Drafting
- 2unique@...
- 102 Pattern Styles-Dolls
- iamaprintiesister@...
- 2unique@...
- 103 Bustles-Dolls
- artemis@...
- najdek@...
- 104 Hoops- Dolls
- najdek@...
- 102A Beginning Pattern Styles from a pre-prepared basic pattern set
- 2unique@...
- Other Classes- POST about them!
- najdek@...

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