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POLL QUESTION: What kind of styles would you like to
see in the 102 class? I plan on doing the
basics for both slash n' spread and pin
n' pivot along with examples for each of
those in the form of dart transfering
and skirt flare but I need to know what
else beyond that in unusual styles you'd
like to see!
Anything else beyond what is listed here
post your desires to the list! You can
choose more than one from this list!
This poll will go until Aug 1!

- necklines, 3 votes, 15.79%
- skirts with trains, 0 votes, 0.00%
- yokes, 2 votes, 10.53%
- sleeve styles like petal, bell & bishop, 4 votes, 21.05%
- slacks bellbottoms shorts, split skirts, 2 votes, 10.53%
- torso prncess, 0 votes, 0.00%
- jumpers pinafores, 1 votes, 5.26%
- layers & ruffles for skirts, 3 votes, 15.79%
- gores for skirts, 1 votes, 5.26%
- details like collars and cuffs, 3 votes, 15.79%

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