Planning for new patterns...

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Ok I'm planning for my new patterns that I'll be working on over the winter. There will most likely be a fair number of Tiny Betsy items in addition to Kelly & Barbie as those are the most requested by my 4yr old who will be turning 5 shortly and I'll be making new patterns but the samples will be for her dolls as Birthday and Christmas gifts... sneaky me :~D
Anyway I have a Furga, Ginny, Horsman Baby Doll, Tiny Kitty, Dollfie (soon to be 3 of them) and a Brenda Starr (arriving in the next week) that are dolls that my daughter does not get to play with only ohhh and ahh at how pretty the items are :-) So of the dolls that my daughter will not be getting clothes for who should be among my need to dress dolls?
I'm posting a poll in just a minute but feel free to post a why for each doll!
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