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Well I know Annie announced my classes earlier in the week and I haven't made any mention of them ... yet VBG... been a bit busy with real life in the way this past week... was first week of school and hubby had his birthday in the middle of it so it was an overall busy time for me.

On to the classes!

For those who have taken my 101 class that I've offered in the last couple months I'm happy to announce that sign ups for 102 are now underway! Lots to learn in the class including trained skirts, princess lines and various other interesting style details that can be applied to all of the various eras of costume history! For those who missed 101 never fear after a hiatus of most of this winter for prepping and moving I'll be offering 101 again in late winter during the dreary boring dark months (well 4 hrs of daylight for me is very dark and boring!) I'll also offer 102 and by then hopefully some other classes that are now in development during the slow down times when I don't have a billion and one other things going on! Details on 101 and 102 are found under classes & courses on my site. These are specifically for miniature dolls!

My other class at this time however is open to everyone!

Cresindel is a lady dwarf. Her main job is as a healer. Her for fun time is spent in search of treasure with her friends thus this class is for her favorite 2 outfits. Yup 2 outfits for just one doll. Lucie Winsky has created a very special 4 1/2" lady doll and I have created the patterns for her working outfit as a healer and another outfit for when she's off adventuring! The outfits are both sewn and fit the exact same doll! I just finished the Healer's Costume a few minutes ago and posted a quick pic of it. I'm off to go cut out and stitch up her adventuring outfit and hope to post pics of it in the next day or so!

Cresindel is limited to 10 students as that is all the dwarves that are being made by Lucie! This class comes with a fabric and pattern kit. Further details for dates, times and costs are on Cresindel's page which is the top link on my home page!

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