Hello new member here

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Hello everyone,

My name is Eve, and I have in the past made 1:12 polymer clay dolls, now I am moving on to dollhouses and house dolls. I haven't as of yet put any together although I have 4 waiting for me, to get to them and bring them to life.

I am medical retired, so my illnesses keep me from working on my projects as much as I would like to. I am interested however in
learning everything I can about the mini world, and how to do it

I live in Virginia in the USA for those that don't know where
Virginia is located. In my area I have one miniature shop but frankly
what the owner carries is the boring "same old" things you see ever
where else. I am more interested in fantasy instead of Victorian, and
will be working my way toward that. But first I have a Green Leaf
Doll House (the Beacon Hill) I have bought to get a taste of building
a structure. After that I hope to be able to go on and build castles
and any other fantasy structure that might tickle my

Of course clothing will play a large part in making the scene's come
to life, which is why I have joined the group. I am not a seamstress and will probably ask a lot of questions. Please bear with me, I know how tiresome it can get to keep going over the same information with new members all the time. I can only say...I REALLY want to learn, and will appreciate all the help I can get.

Thanks again,