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After several weeks of fiddling and grumbling about the broken links on the site I've finally managed to get the links working again. :-) In the process of that I've also updated the site. The new schedule of Classes is up along with a couple more miniature doll classes. I am running 102 Dolls this month and starting 101 Dolls (Pattern Drafting) next. In May and June I have a Bustles and a Hoops class in Miniature and if there is enough interest I'll also be adding in similar classes for larger dolls... but you have to tell me there is interest in it.

I'm also going to be on the look out for a couple of Guinea Pigs for testing classes and courses so that things go smoothly from now on... these will be in the form of contests or just a show of hands or maybe a poll.... there is no specific days or times I'll do this either... altho Tuesdays are now my quiet days since the kids are both in school now ;-) But that won't last long since school will be out in just a few weeks!

Anyway when I'm ready for Guinea Pigs I'll use that as a subject line and whatever my instructions for testing that class are will have to be followed..... keep in mind that some of my classes may only be tested by students that have taken the earlier classes as I'm moving towards my more advanced classes. I'll also limit my testers to the first 3 available at the time I choose to test.... so not everyone may be able to test a class .... but as a tester the class will be free! I am developing some more beginner classes but have my sights set on having the advanced ones ready for fall. Guess details on each class to be tested will depend on the class! ;-)

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