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Problem there.. the pattern of the month would be just that one new pattern every month exclusively to members... not even I would know what doll or what the design would be and the patterns are already as low as I can go for prices so a discount is cutting into what little I pay myself after the drafting time, testing time and writing time for each one... technically I'm not even paying myself a wage on each one.... maybe a monthly thing would be fine.....a subscription for a year and the year lasts until they've gotten 12 patterns that are wanted.... or a subscription for 3 months hmmm not sure..... need more brainstorming and am taking this message to the main group and the biz group. What I was thinking for the club idea was more along the lines of the larger dolls and taking one a month and doing a pattern of the month club type deal where I offer a special pattern just for club members.... of course previous patterns would be available for the club members since someone new might have wanted the pattern that was done 6 months ago but they would not be the general patterns and would be in a club exclusive area.. the whole password protected area and everything.... a special area with special content.
Well this is going to have to wait a few weeks at least... got classes to teach and beginning of the month hubby is building himself a better computer with his student loans so I'll finally have a better computer which I plan on setting up with at least WinIIs for a server for testing stuff.... might later on setup Apache on it instead as I'll need to learn a few tricks but hopefully that will be fairly simple as my host will be learning as well.. he a computer guy and very bright (masters in physics I believe) but not all computer guys know everything and have to learn sometime!
Anyway I'll have to do some brainstorming on the logisitics and back end of how a club will work... heck need to setup my download area with asp and automate it a bit too still but again after the computer switch... I'm still plannning it all out and thought if I'm going to setup one password area why not another LOL... me and my biiiig ideas!

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Dianne Sahakian wrote:

Hi Sue Perhaps if you start a pattern club you could
give a discount on the patterns if they buy them by
the year and show what patterns they would be. You
could also find out if anyone doesn't want a certain
pattern that way too and send them only ones they
want. You can also sell them monthly for people who
can't afford to buy them by the year. This way they
buy only the ones they want. This is just one idea,
you will probably get many more. Dianne

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