Hi Let me Introduce myself

Dianne Sahakian <artemis@...>

Hello Everyone:  I joined this list because I like minidolls and dolls of all sizes and belong to several doll groups.  Making things in Miniature is a little harder especially the Victorian styles which are my favorite.  My family says I never grew up.  Us doll people all belong to a certian class of people who like dolls, so I guess we are all children at heart who like all different styles of clothing on our minis and those who like bigger dolls too.  I have sewn doll clothes since about 3 1/2 by hand and learned from my mother and grandmother ( mothers' mother.)  I also enjoy crafts, needlepoint and embroidery.  I am married to a wonderful man and have three grown children.  One married away from home and the other two at  home.   Dianne S.