Long time no update!

Sue Darby ~ www.suestinycostumes.com

College is done (well last year it was), I have a new house and the final
version of an OLD term project (lower division Project Management class) is
complete.... my website redesign! There's some new patterns and I finally
have time to work on the UFO collection! I have a new pair of blogs
for Announcements
<http://weblog.suestinycostumes.com/>and Tutorials
<http://blog.suestinycostumes.com/>and look forward to working on them both!
Depending on family/work commitments I may or may not go back to offering
online classes in Pattern Drafting.... IF I do it will be weekend based
classes due to time zones (I am in Alaska which messes with everyone else!)

So what has everyone been up to?

Sue Darby ~B.S. Business Management Practice and Technology~Microsoft Office
Master Certified
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