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Welcome! The group isn't terribly active these last couple years but slowly
I'm getting back to my dolls and sewing and things should pick up. Don't
worry about not knowing how to sew or a lack of experience everyone has been
at that level at some point!

Again, welcome!
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Do I answer here?

If so,

Hi my name is Eve and I live in Virginia. I am medical retired and have just
bought my first dollhouse. I have ordered a few patterns from a online store
that sort of go with what theme I want. I am more interested in the fantasy
side of miniature clothes, not Victorian--which seems to be about all I can
find online.

So it would be really great to find others who are like me and are wanting
something out of the norm that is offered out there. I am also interested in
making my clothes removable so I can change my dolls to fit my scene's.

I warn you however I don't have much experience in making doll clothes or in
using a sewing machine although I do have a machine. But I am willing to
learn :o) -- although I might be a bit slow, because of my medical


Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2009 15:29:10 +0000
From: suestinycostumes-owner@...
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Subject: File - Welcome

Welcome to the group! Please take the time to post a short (or long)
introduction. Simple stuff like your name and where you are in the world.
I'd also like to know about the types of styles you are looking for and how
you found my site or the group!
All new members are moderated and once you've posted I can remove the
moderation no problem.... it helps to prevent the spam some of the other
doll and mini groups seem to be getting!
Feel free to let us know if you have items on E-bay but please only post
that you have stuff once.... suggestion is to post your about me page or
your sellers items list so we can see everything at once.... you can in a
list tell us about the auctions but please one link and one e-mail a day!
Tell us about your mini projects... room boxes or dollhouses.... a lot of
the patterns I have would do wonderfully in a wardrobe setting... no doll
required. Custom patterns are also an option.... I love fun things like the
challenge of a custom item for just the right setting.
Anyway I'm done chattering here. Please post so we can keep the list
Old and new members .... welcome!
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