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Sue Darby ~

Welcome! The group isn't terribly busy but then I haven't been on here much
in the last 3 years. I'm finally ready to get back to my dolls and crafts
and so I've started by organizing my supplies and currently even have a doll
on my desk to play with! :-)

I'd like to know what group members want to see me make as far as patterns
go? I have Kitty Collier sitting here with a Hakama in process... long story
short she is the start of making several of these for my children, sweetie
and friends who are all getting into working out using boffers (padded
swords). The most interesting thing about a Hakama is that it is both male
and female with the exceptions and differences being in the tops and the
layers worn underneath.

Anyway what do you want me to start drafting? Eras, styles, historic,
international. Costume history is actually fun as you learn about what was
worn and why along with what was going on in history at the time.

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On Fri, Aug 14, 2009 at 6:53 AM, aprilconnett <aprilconnett@...>wrote:

Hi. My name is April Connett and I live in Winston-Salem, NC. I don't have
children of my own, but have recently re-connected with a friend from
college who has 5 girls(and 4 boys). I instantly thought of Barbie and her
accessories. Apparently, I have thought of these things for most of my life
. . . anyway, Barbie is easy enough to dress, but I cannot find patterns for
Ken. I found the website in a Google search, and decided this sounded like a
pretty cool place to be.

April Connett
Stampin' Up! Demonstrator
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