judi.parker <judi.parker@...>

WOW!! 3 hours on the internet looking for patterns and I stumble on
this group!I coouldnt get Sues website.. and then couldnt rememebr
where i found this info!

I am a life long seamstress. sewing for myself, dolls, my children,
friends, making costumes,drapes.. and stuff

I am ok at making slopers, but need some encouragement and fellow

My current interest is a 10 1/2 slim body preteen doll by Hlen Kish
called "Sugar" ..my last serious doll designing endeavor was Madame
Alexander Cissy

I am 66, a widow, live with my Daughter and Grandson who is in
college.I am proofessional artist, large acrylic paintings.. I do
doll repaints also..

I havent been sewing and need to start again, I miss it terribly. I
haev limited space and even more limited budget!

thanks for having me here
judi in louisiana

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