thanks and bye

funnymom8 <funnymom8@...>

This is a quick note to say thanks for letting me join
your group, and everytime I join a group, I have every
intention of being a participating member. But life
gets busy and takes most of my time and I can't be a
participating member, so I will be leaving.

I still collect and sew for dolls, but my taste keeps
changing. I'm sewing for a doll show for next month,
still have my kids to care for (and summer quickly
approaching us), and have family things to take care

Since my mother in law's passing 2 weeks ago, I
realize how short life is and it's time for me to
shorten my computer time:)


Doll Show in Maine, ask me about it!
"A Well Dressed Doll is a Happy Doll"

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