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Hello, everybody!

I want to let you know that my personal e-mail has changed to haleasdollclothes@.... You may see the address in "Reply To". The other addresses will still work just fine, but I had to forward them from my Yahoo account to a new account because there was a corrupted e-mail from a Yahoo message board and the rest of the messages refused to download through Outlook as a result.

I apologize for so little participation in recent weeks. Among other activities, I've been "fighting" for a couple of weeks with my Outlook 2003, and finally just gave up and went back to my old reliable Outlook Express. After all the trouble I've had, I have discovered in Microsoft Forums that Outlook 2003 has some issues that I don't want to have to deal with. I should have looked on the forums immediately. I don't know what I will do if Outlook Express becomes unavailable on newer computers.

We have been battling allergies for the past couple of weeks.

Our peppy puppy, Peppy, is doing quite well, however, he outsmarts us. We thought we would discipline him by saying "No" firmly and putting him in his crate every time he chased the cats. Now, just as soon as he chases a cat, he flies into his crate before we can even tell him, "No". The cats, however, are so annoyed by our new addition, they are stalking us. It's really quite scary. Peppy has been here about three months, and they have not yet adjusted. Nacha makes a point of harassing him by hissing at him with every opportunity. Peppy has learned not to mess with Nacha, but it doesn't prevent him from cautiously following him everywhere.

Now I can take some time to get some things loaded into my Doll Page Store. I will be slowly converting my Bidville auctions to my Doll Page Store. I love Bidville, but I would rather have all my dolly things in a dolly place. Lots of customers were asking me if I could sell outside of Bidville and ebay, so it just makes sense to put them in a place where people don't have to sign in to buy.

And, as a note of blessing, for the past few weeks we have not been driven out of the house by the bridge construction that has been going in front of our house since April. Once the construction moved to the opposite side of the road the noise hasn't been quite so bad. Still there, but it doesn't resonate through our brains with constant vibrations and nervewracking pounding. I lost some really sweet antiques and gifts from family members and friends from our kitchen shelves because they crashed to the floor. I never thought to take them down while the construction was going on. The shelf in my sewing room upstairs buckled from the vibrations and brought down my collection of children's sewing machines onto the top of a light. One of my DC left the light on, and the plastic shade melted onto the light bulb. We are so lucky the house didn't burn!

I'm crocheting a long-overdue afghan for my 11 year old son. I promised him an afghan years ago and never got around to making it. I started it 1-1/2 weeks ago, and I'm almost finished. Consequently, no sewing or much of anything else is getting done.

Halea has made a couple of gorgeous gowns for Tiny Kitty Collier. She sold one at the Shaker Doll Show. The other gown has a crease line in the silk skirt and we are trying to figure out how to remove it. She is now working on a "Phantom of the Opera" Christine outfit for Tiny Kitty. Halea is seriously thinking of theater costuming for a career. She is also a very talented classical pianist, but doesn't get involved in public performances unless it is her yearly recital, so we are trying to talk her into doing something that doesn't require performing in front of the public. She could do it because she is cool as a cucumber at her recitals (until she's done playing), but she hasn't actively looked for other public places to perform. She thinks she would like to be a college professor, too. Since she is obsessive about both activities, we hope she will major in design and minor in music. Of course, the decision will be entirely up to Halea.

When I attended the Shaker Doll Show in September, I found a really cool book, "Fashions for Dolls", by Barbara Drew. The book was published in 1973, but copyrighted in 1968. I fell in love with the tons of patterns at the back of the book. I will be very happy if I can find the doll mentioned and pictured in the book.

Here's her picture:


She is 19" tall, and marked "Made In Italy". Her name may be Kate. She has very wide shoulders and a narrow waist. I believe her face may be vinyl and the rest of her may be typical inexpensive 1960's/1970's hard plastic. I can see mold marks on her hands and feet in the photos. Because the book was copyrighted in 1968, the doll is mostly likely manufactured before that year.

I feel as though I'm looking for a lost child!

I have also tried to find out if Barbara Drew is still alive, and if I can find an address to write to her, but nothing so far.

Meanwhile, I fell for and purchased a 1967 18" Italocremona doll from a wonderful seller on ebay. I think she may fit into Magic Attic Club sized clothes. It's funny how one quest can blossom into other acquisitions. I remember going through the Sears Christmas Wishbook every year when I was a kid, and wanted one of these dolls very much. This sweetie is a delight! She is very well made and has an incredibly sweet face. I would love to find the clothes that were advertised for her in the catalogue.

I am also looking for a rubber body for a very rare 11-12" African-American American Character Tiny Tears from the 1950's. I have a head and torso, just missing the arms and legs. I will be happy to take an entire torso and limbs, though. The little bit I have is in excellent condition.

The last thing I am looking for is a vintage McCall's pattern #1715. It's not the vintage women's clothing pattern that I have found out on the Internet, it is an embroidery pattern.

I have been looking for all of these things on the Internet, Ruby Lane, ebay, Yahoo, and Bidville and have come up with nothing.

Some dear enabling soul posted a link to Heidi Ott miniature babies, and I purchased two from England this morning. I can't wait to meet them! I almost purchased the matching knitting pattern books and tiny needles, but I think instead I will make my own crocheted patterns for them after they arrive. My hands have become too shaky from my anti-seizure medicine and I am sure I will lose stitches on knitting needles.

Talk about enablers! I was about to put my dolly Radio Flyer wagon up for sale, when my husband put three 7" Little Betsy Wetsy babies in it, and they are having a grand time! Now I don't have the heart to sell the wagon! My Little Betsy Wetsies are very pampered. I might worry that my influence will make them spoiled, however, they will never go past their current age, so I believe my concern is moot.

On top of that, my daughter sent me an e-mail with a link to Tonner's new Engelbreit baby, Lilah. I'm going to have to wait until the company comes out with a far less expensive version, but I will be drooling in the meantime. She has a Baby Patsyette body, and she's 9 inches of darned cute! At first I thought she might be the size of a DyDee.

For anyone willing to pray, please keep us in your prayers. We have been "churchless" for a couple of years and seem to have finally found one. The trek is rather far for current gas prices, but we can get some serious grocery shopping done after church.

The weather will cool this coming Saturday and I will be quite relieved! We have already made our yearly trip to Goold Orchards for apples, cider and homemade donuts. Yummy!

Kathy Dickinson
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A day hemmed in prayer is less likely to unravel - unless you have four cats and a Shih-Tzu!

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