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I know it has been a long time since I've posted. Frankly there is a lot
going on for me. I have gone back to college to get a Bachelors in Business
Marketing and the 6 credits of classes I am taking have taken over every
waking second for the last month! I've finally found a day where I don't
have homework or something else to do and have done a bit of site
maintenance and some updating to things that needed to be fixed.

- My Little Bo Peep & her Sheep will be in the NEXT issue of
International Doll Magazine and were entered into the Alaska State Fair and
placed 1st.
- All classes are currently suspended as in I'm not teaching until
probably around or just after Christmas depending on time if not then
possibly not until summer as 6 credits (per semester) of Bachelors level
classes is taking a lot more time than I'd planned on. ;-) On the positive
side of this however, I am developing a more interactive and interesting way
of teaching the classes.
- I will continue to hopefully find or make the time to create
patterns for International Doll for several more issues ;-) This means I
will be putting out patterns just not frequently.
- As I find time I hope to finish off some of the
ready-to-go-but-needs-tweaking patterns over the coming weeks.

I have already learned a few new things and am looking forward to
integrating them into my current plans and goals. I hope all is well with
everyone and welcome to new members!

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