Re: Hope this post is OK.

Sue Darby ~

Hey, Soak up some of that sun for me... it's cold wet and rainy this summer
for us... don't have a dryer so had to use a clothes line.... I have clean
but no dry clothes.... enjoy that warm sun!

As for telling people about resources go for it! ;-) (Just don't spam

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On 9/11/05, Hazel Dowd <@HazelD> wrote:

Sue I hope this post is OK. It is the BIG Miniatura Exhibition
17/18th September in the UK. Loads of miniature doll stands along
with loads of other miniatures stands in fact 310 stands in total
plus trade stands.

I have a special offer on Silk Ribbon. 1mtr each of 7mm, 4mm, 2mm in
matching shades. just arrived in time for the event.

Not got a lot done this summer, it's been far too hot over in the UK
for me, I am an Autumn/Winter/Spring person. Not complaining, I
like to see everyone enjoying themselves but heat does not agree with

Regards from the UK.


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