OK time to get this list moving again....

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Ask me some questions!

I have several for everyone....
1 IF I developed another class would anyone be interested in a class that
developed basic Fashion doll blocks/slopers into patterns. A hybrid of the
stylizations class with pre made blocks... no drafting just the fun part! (I
already do this for minis and will be running it again this fall with a
different design) It would include a Pattern Kit for whichever doll you
wanted to use for the class.... provided I already have the doll so the list
is limited as I don't have them all yet! It would most likely be for Gene
(in the mail to me yipeeee), Kitty Collier, Tiny Kitty, Barbie (older body
and smooth body) and Brenda Starr (has a Tyler Body). Anyone interested?

2 IF I developed a Club of some form how would you like to see it run and
what dolls would interest you?

3 Other suggestions for patterns or classes? (yes, I'm working on the
computer based classes for drafting but it's a slow process as I have to
realize each step I do and write it all out! At the rate it's going it's
going to take a while longer to develop!)

4 Has anyone made anythign from the patterns you bought from me? Can you
show pictures? Post them in the Photos area of the group! I love to see what
other things people come up with to do with my patterns!

5 This is more a tid bit but did you know that if you ask me I'll let you
sell whatever you make from my patterns at shows and such just don't resell
my patterns as that's my dolly money! ;-) I also ask you post somewhere that
the original design/pattern is by me!

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