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I just had to say thank those on the list on the list for participating in the
weekend at Sleaford and North Hykeham in Lincolnshire, England. The weekend had been planned for a long while, but it suddenly came up and wow, now its over!

I managed five different dolls during each day , 2 brides, 5 little girl dressing up, 1 lady
in her negligee, 3 different ball gowns and a man doll - on Saturday: 2 brides , 2 little girl
dressing up, 1 negligee,1 modern lady in trousers and 4 Edwardian ladies yesterday. I
will add I was very tired when we arrived home last night, but very happy that everyone went home with a completed doll even with wigging which I don't enjoy!

My hubby took a vast number of photos and I hope to have some up for viewing on my own site.

Without these lists we can't pass on the hints and tips, far different to when I first started
in miniatures when everything was a 'trade secret'

Its really great to hear the comments, "I never expected to like dressing dolls!" and for
students to be proud of what they have achieved is fantastic.

Classes are the best way forward, on line or real time...any time.

Best Wishes


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