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I have put up a tenative fall class schedule for doll classes. Sign ups will start July 15th as by then I will hopefully have my college and family schedule settled.

101 Drafting will start on the 16th
103 Bustles (new) will be on 21st
102A Styles- from a pattern kit provided but specific dolls only no pre-requisite class (new) will start on 22nd
All in September.

102 Styles - next in the main series will start in late Oct/ early Nov
I'll also be adding in a hoops (104) and a Pannier (105) class

Once I have my Fall college schedules in place I'll be adding in classes for the miniature dolls starting with 101, 102 and 105 (new).

In the meantime I'm starting the outline for the Computerized Drafting class series. The first in the 200 level classes will be on using the tools in Corel Draw (4+). The second will be applying the tools to drafting basic patterns (201). The last will be stylizing the patterns (202). These will hopefully be running by early next year (best laid plans and all that tho!)

Beyond all that I'm not sure what other classes to offer.... anyone have suggestions?

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