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WOW!!! What you went thru. Mine wasn't quite that bad.

But YAY!!! I won a prize. I will email you shortly.


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Answers..... I went into labor on March 29th and had Justice April 11 at
4:09am. I got the lovely ride to the hospital in an ambulance over 50
miles of LOL Alaskan highway (not the greatest in the world and needs
repaving again in most places) as the hospital that was local to me
couldn't handle a preemie that young. When I got to the dr's office
they sent me in to the OB not my midwife as I'd lost the mucus plug
already and was at about 12 min apart.... by the time I got to the first
hospital I was at 10 min apart... drugs to stop labor didn't stop it for
long hence the ambulance ride to town.... I was at 5 min apart with a dr
fearful I'd have him in the ambulance LOL and a driver cursing the
traffic for not getting out of the way of a lights and siren and horn
honking ambulance! Got the stronger drug and contractions subsided for a
few hours then they were back... I moved from labor & delivery to
pre-natal about 4 times before I had him. I had sonograms every other
day until the day before I had him! He was 6 weeks preemie with 2 weeks
of labor. He only spent 14 hours in the NICU as he was healthy as a
horse. I did opt to give him the steroids to speed up his lung
development tho which was part of the reasons he was such a short stay
in the NICU. He had mild jaundice and only stayed 1 day longer than I
had to so only 4 days after birth he was home... I was NOT prepared for
a new baby. Hubby had his own problems with taking care of big sister
and working while both had bronchitus bordering phnemonia and double ear
infections. I had no one w/me at the hospital when I had him... just
gave Lee a call and got the answering machine :-( but did call my
parents and amazingly got my dad about an hour after Justice was born.
Once hard labor started there was no time for any kind of pain killers
and so Justice was 100% natural. I did get to hold him for a second
before he was whisked off to the heat lamps and then NICU but I was very
tired after it all!
Anyway winners are Dianne for closest time and KC for closest length of
labor.... E-mail me so we can decide what the prizes will be!

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