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Then if we get a second guess, I would say he was born at 6:45 a.m. and you
were in labor for 20 days.

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OK Next hint: Sera (big sister) was a 10 hour labor. Justice was longer
than that but not a month! He was a month preemie but didn't end up in
the NICU for long... in fact he was kicked out as there was a set of
twins who needed beds that were in worse shape. I started labor *before*
Easter by only a couple days.....It was a long hospital stay for me but
not him. He was born at an upgodly hour where the sun was starting to
come up in Alaska! (we have very very long days at this time of year...
our sun goes down at 9pm right now!)
Keep guessing we've got until I get up tomorrow! Off to clean a kitchen,
make breakfast and drag a male ( have a couple friends over already) out
of the house so I can get a cake mix and birthday goodies! Got a party
to throw tonight!

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