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Just a heads up that sign ups are in progress for both 102 and Cresindel. The links are the first 2 on the top of the home page. Due to Cresindel having a kit that class closes sooner than normal to allow for transit time from Alaska and Massachuettes.
Cresindel has 1 photo of the first outfit up on her page. I am currently waiting for soem pinking shears I ordered for the last piece of the second outfit which is done except for the 3rd piece which needs the pinking shears... BTW that's one of the items that you'll need for class and no the paper version won't work.... been there tried that and that's why the shears are on order!
If you've taken 101 or are in the process of finishing it up please keep in mind that you will need at least the basic bodice block for the first class.
Now as I also need to not break my own rule on one of my own lists (pure advertising posts with no other info or content) I'll also ask here about a couple of ideas I have in mind!
A pattern of the month club... not sure how it'll work possibly a yearly fee and 12-14 patterns exclusively for the club or something like that... if anyone has ideas on how to run it drop notes!
The other one is a class idea based off of the larger dolls and their pattern kits only I would be creating a basic block pattern kit and offering a class in styles. I don't have too many larger dolls but I'm thinking that I'd do this up for Tiny Kitty, Barbie (various varieties- Flava, My Scene, 80's, super size, perhaps Skipper etc... except Silkstone as I don't have one), Dollfies (I'll have 2 or more soon) and Brenda Starr (as soon as she arrives in the mail hopefully this week!) As for how this class would run I'm not positive on it yet as it's only an idea... a brainstorm I jotted down this afternoon while playing with patterns and sample making and other fun stuff for my dolls..
Anyway thought I'd run all this past my groups and see if anyone is interested or has suggestions on how to do either idea! Post to the groups or e-mail me!

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