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I am Marilyn from south of Baton Rouge, LA. I am currently
struggling with making miniature Victorian clothing for 1/12 scale
dolls and clothing for shops or wardrobes. I found this site by
doing a google search for miniature costumes and wound up on
suestinycostumes site which had a link to this group.

My biggest problem seems to be that I have many reference books with
costumes from the Victorian era, some with patterns (which are
actual reproductions of patterns used in that era). I have trouble
scaling them since they are all different scales - the author didn't
use one scale to reproduce all the different styles. I guess since
it is an actual reproduction, it was reproduced as actually printed
orginally and is made for seamstresses with more experience than
me. It mentions a lot about adjusting for size. Also, I have some
books that offer wonderful pictures of clothing that I would love to
reproduce. However, my skills never progressed beyond the use of
pre-made patterns. I can sew, embroidery, and do other needlepoint
as long as I have something to go by. I would love to be able to
look at a picture and figure out how to make a pattern by it. I
guess I probably need to take a sewing class to further my skills (I
took several classes growing up, but am now almost 36 and haven't
had a class since I was a young teenager). Most of what I do know
is self-taught.

I have all the thread (silk and cotton), needles, lace (new,
antique, and vintage), glue, and most of the fabric that I need.
Along with my full-sized sewing machine, I now have a very small
Singer that is perfect for miniature machine sewing. I do have
trouble finding cotton velvet (but just found out that it is now
called Velveteen and is available at Hobby Lobby and Hancock
Fabrics), natural fiber satin, batiste, and some of the other
natural fabrics I need to use on such small sewing. I do have silk,
and just found out that I can handwash it in warm water with mild
soap, and dry wrapped in a towel. I also have 100% cotton
coming "out my ears". I keep an eye out for sales where I can buy
silk for a lower price - only needing 1/4 yards at a time helps. I
get most of my sewing supplies (approx. 97%) from estate sales and
yard sales - occasionally I run into something at one of the antique
shops located in my area. I go with my parents "junking" when I am
up home (they go somewhere every weekend) so most of what I have is
vintage. I buy my needles new so I can get the really small sizes.

I also try to make/refurbish roomboxes, houses, furniture, hats,
etc. I would rather make than buy. My pocketbook fares better that
way! Currently, I am working on a table centerpiece roombox for the
Gulf South Miniatures Show in New Orleans to be held in March, 2005.

One question. Does anyone know what size a carpet done on #18
canvas with a finished size of 9 x 15 inches would equate to in 28-
count evenweave fabric? I want to needlepoint a certain carpet for
one of my dollhouses, but am not sure if it would fit.

Sorry to ramble on. Great to meet all of you!
Marilyn in St. Amant, LA

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