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This group has no affiliation with SteppIR. Several of their employees have been known to monitor this group, however no company business is to be conducted on this reflector.

SteppIR employees may answer technical questions relating to SteppIR products.
They many not solicit business on this list.

This is a Ham Radio information exchange group for the most significant antenna design innovation since the invention of the yagi...the SteppIR and MonstIR yagi antennas, the BiggIR, SmallIR and CrankIR vertical antennas, and related accessories manufactured by SteppIR Antennas of Bellevue, Washington, USA.

Member Don Hill AA5AU maintains a website with detailed information about SteppIR antennas:

Members of this group may post comments and questions, join in the discussions, and advertise SteppIR antennas and accessories for sale. This is THE place to ask questions and get information from owners and users of these unique, tunable Amateur Radio antennas.

Topics such as actual and desired features, actual or desired performance, installation, troubleshooting, software/computer control, and anything else that SteppIR owners and users, or those interested in the SteppIR, would find on-topic.

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