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David P. Dillard





















A Selective Bibliography of Sources That Teach Source Evaluation

for Research Papers and Instruct How to Teach Source Evaluation














A Selective Bibliography of Sources That Teach Source Evaluation

for Research Papers and Instruct How to Teach Source Evaluation








Successful Strategies for Teaching Undergraduate Research

Editors      Marta Deyrup, Beth Bloom

Publisher  Scarecrow Press, 2013

ISBN 0810887177, 9780810887176

Length       204 pages



Undergraduates and library research: what's changed, what hasn't, what now? /

Mary W. George --

The State of Teaching Today. Research questions and the research question: what are we teaching when we teach research? /

Heidi L.M. Jacobs --

 Understanding the relationship between good research and good writing /

Barbara J. D'Angelo --

 Toward the "good" research assignment: a librarian speaks /

Roberta Tipton --

 Toward the "good" research assignment: an academic speaks /

Willilamjames Hull Hoffer --

 Teaching new media as a form of writing: explorations in evolving genres /

James Elmborg --

 From punitive policing to proactive prevention: approaches to teaching information ethics in the college classroom / Maria T. Accardi --

 Assessing the information research process /

Stephanie Sterling Brasley. --

 The Strategies in Action: Four Ideas That Work. Sources before search: a scaffolded approach to teaching research /

Stephanie N. Otis --

 RAIDS for research /

Sara D Miller, Nancy C. DeJoy, Benjamin M. Oberdock --

 College students as Wikipedia editors: new pathways to information literacy /

Davida Scharf --

 Training the trainer: librarians as faculty coaches and workshop designers /

Beth Bloom.




The Research Paper: A Guide to Library and Internet Research

Authors     Dawn Rodrigues, Raymond J. Rodrigues

Edition       3, illustrated

Publisher  Prentice Hall, 2003

ISBN 0130982563, 9780130982568

Length       259 pages




Research Papers

Authors     William Coyle, Joe Law

Edition       16

Publisher  Cengage Learning, 2013

ISBN 1133713017, 9781133713012

Length       272 pages




Building Better Essays

Cengage Advantage Books

New 1st Editions in Developmental English Series

Author       Gina Hogan

Publisher  Cengage Learning, 2012

ISBN 0495905178, 9780495905172

Length       272 pages




Quality Research Papers:

For Students of Religion and Theology


Nancy Jean Vyhmeister, Terry Dwain Robertson

Publisher  Harper Collins, 2014

ISBN 0310514037, 9780310514039

Length       304 pages




Real Essays with Readings:

Writing for Success in College, Work, and Everyday Life

Author       Susan Anker

Publisher  Macmillan, 2011

ISBN 0312648081, 9780312648084

Length       912 pages





Research Paper Handbook: Your Complete Guide

Research Paper Handbook Series

Author       James D. Lester

Publisher  Good Year Books, 2005

ISBN 1596470763, 9781596470767

Length       232 pages




Writing the Research Paper: A Handbook

Authors     Anthony Winkler, Jo Ray McCuen-Metherell

Edition       7, illustrated

Publisher  Cengage Learning, 2007

ISBN 1413011713, 9781413011715

Length       360 pages




Writing the Research Paper: A Handbook


Anthony C. Winkler, Jo Ray McCuen-Metherell

Edition       8

Publisher  Cengage Learning, 2011

ISBN 1133169023, 9781133169024

Length       360 pages




Principles of Writing Research Papers

Penguin academics

Author       James D. Lester

Edition       2, illustrated

Publisher  Penguin Academics, 2007

Original from    the University of Virginia

Digitized   Nov 24, 2009

ISBN 032142610X, 9780321426109

Length       266 pages




Writing, Reading, and Research

Authors     Richard Veit, Christopher Gould

Edition       8, illustrated

Publisher  Cengage Learning, 2009

ISBN 0547191049, 9780547191041

Length       640 pages




The Johns Hopkins Guide to Digital Media

UPCC book collections on Project MUSE

Author       Marie-Laure Ryan

Editors      Marie-Laure Ryan, Lori Emerson, Benjamin J. Robertson

Edition       illustrated

Publisher  JHU Press, 2013

ISBN 142141225X, 9781421412252

Length       553 pages




MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers


Joseph Gibaldi,

Modern Language Association of America

Edition       4, illustrated, reprint


Modern Language Association of America, 1995

ISBN 0873525655, 9780873525657

Length       293 pages




A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations,

Seventh Edition:

Chicago Style for Students and Researchers

Chicago Guides to Writing, Editing, and

Author       Kate L. Turabian

Contributors      Wayne C. Booth, Gregory G. Colomb,

Joseph M. Williams, Wayne C. University of Chicago Press Staff

Edition       revised

Publisher  University of Chicago Press, 2009

ISBN 0226823385, 9780226823386

Length       436 pages






The Sundance Writer:

A Rhetoric, Reader, and Research Guide, Brief

Author       Mark Connelly

Edition       5

Publisher  Cengage Learning, 2012

ISBN 113371370X, 9781133713708

Length       752 pages





The Wadsworth Handbook

Authors     Laurie G. Kirszner, Stephen R. Mandell

Edition       10

Publisher  Cengage Learning, 2013

ISBN 1285500121, 9781285500126

Length       864 pages




Usability of Complex Information Systems:

Evaluation of User Interaction

Editors      Michael Albers, Brian Still

Edition       illustrated

Publisher  CRC Press, 2010

ISBN 1439828954, 9781439828953

Length       399 pages




Fusion: Integrated Reading and Writing, Book 2


Dave Kemper, Verne Meyer, John Van Rys, Patrick Sebranek

Edition       2

Publisher  Cengage Learning, 2015

ISBN 1305537947, 9781305537941

Length       656 pages





Quick Access: Essays and Term Papers

Quick Access

Author       Research and Education Association

Publisher  Research & Education Assoc., 2009

ISBN 0738607282, 9780738607283

Length       4 pages




A Guide to MLA Documentation

Author       Joseph F. Trimmer

Edition       9, illustrated, annotated

Publisher  Cengage Learning, 2012

ISBN 1111837074, 9781111837075

Length       48 pages




Insightful Writing: A Process Rhetoric with Readings

Authors     David Sabrio, Mitchell Burchfield

Edition       illustrated

Publisher  Cengage Learning, 2008

ISBN 0618870261, 9780618870264

Length       336 pages




The Chicago Manual of Style

Author       University of Chicago. Press

Contributor        University of Chicago

Publisher  University of Chicago Press, 2003

ISBN 0226104036, 9780226104034





The Curious Researcher:

A Guide to Writing Research Papers

Author       Bruce Ballenger

Edition       7, illustrated

Publisher  Pearson Education, 2011

ISBN 0205172873, 9780205172870

Length       348 pages




Writing Research Papers Across the Curriculum

Advantage (Thomson)

Advantage series

Author       Susan M. Hubbuch

Edition       5, illustrated

Publisher  Thomson Wadsworth, 2004

ISBN 1413002374, 9781413002379

Length       450 pages




Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper: Evaluating Sources

University of Southern California Libraries



Purpose of Guide

Types of Research Designs

1. Choosing a Research Problem

2. Preparing to Write

3. The Abstract

4. The Introduction

5. The Literature Review

6. The Methodology

7. The Results

Using Non-Textual Elements

8. The Discussion

9. The Conclusion

10. Proofreading Your Paper

11. Citing Sources

Annotated Bibliography

Giving an Oral Presentation

Grading Someone Else's Paper

How to Manage Group Projects

Writing a Book Review

Writing a Case Study

Writing a Field Report

Writing a Policy Memo

Writing a Research Proposa

























[PDF] Evaluating Sources of Information

PK Hurley - Online Text and Course Materials - Citeseer





Writing Centers and Libraries: One-Stop Shopping for Better Term Papers


Rachel Cookea* & Carol Bledsoeb

pages 119-127

Published online: 12 Dec 2008

The Reference Librarian

Volume 49,  Issue 2, 2008





MacDonald, A. B.


Multiple Visions of the Research Paper:

How Compositionists and Librarians Understand, Represent, and Teach

the Research Process

(Doctoral dissertation, Auburn University).




Donahue, A. E., and Gamtso, C.


Term papers, Google, and library anxiety:

how can information literacy improve students' research skills?.







David Dillard






Research Guides


Bushell, R. & Sheldon, P. (eds),

Wellness and Tourism: Mind, Body, Spirit,

Place, New York: Cognizant Communication Books.

Wellness Tourism: Bibliographic and Webliographic Essay

David P. Dillard






















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