FW: Special Event Notice

David W0DHB



From: Dale Pelzer <kl7r@...>
Sent: Wednesday, November 13, 2019 09:08
Subject: Special Event Notice


Hello Starcomm,

Look for me operating Satellite QSO's from the NRA Birthday Party this Sunday from 8am to 5pm local, 1500 to 2400 UTC, DM34.  The link to the event is in this email.  This is my 5th year operating the event from Gunsite on Satellites.  The W7YRC Club operates on HF as well as my Satellite contacts.  Give me a call on any Satellite you hear me on.  I'm usually the weakest signal on the SSB pass band.  Running 1/2 duplex single Yaesu FT 817 not ND, so tune around to find me. 

For CAS-4A Fixed TX 435.215, and for CAS-4B Fixed TX 435.271

For AO-91, Combat Radio, if available, I'll be in there with the rest of the QRM! 

Certificate or QSL available after the event from the W7YRC. 

Dale KL7R

ps. you can work me as often as you can so call every chance you get to work me.  thanks.